Getting High

I was with people the other day, and they were talking about getting high. We all more or less agreed it’s not something we do too much at all anymore, or ever did, because a lot of the time, it’s not actually enjoyable. The next day I was running and about 5 miles in, hit that serene, the world is good, runner’s high. And it just got me thinking about the different types of high—we all want to get high, we all want to feel great, and we use different methods to get there. Why and which way is personally best?

Percentage I’m likely to enjoy my high:

80% Running
I don’t always get runner’s high when I run, but when I do, it is blissful. I feel clear-headed and happy. I feel like I’m connected to the world.

50% Alcohol
My friend told me I’m a happy drunk, which is good, I was going to rate this high like 75% but considering how often I’ve gotten stupidly black-out-drunk, sick from drinking, some of the things that I’ve done or been done to me while drinking, I’m knocking it down to 50%. It’s a toss up if the experience itself and the aftermath are going to be all good.

50% Food
Food doesn’t give me a huge high unlike some people (mostly foodies probably), so that lowers its score immediately. Add on the fact that I have food/weight issues, I don’t always get a lot of joy from food—and when I do, it’s not long-lasting. I definitely have a bad habit of overeating foods I love to the point where I love it a little less by my last few bites.

25% Marijuana
Nowadays I hardly smoke at all. And that’s mostly a result of never knowing how the high was going to affect me. I’ve had edibles a few times and each time they’ve knocked me on my ass–made me completely catatonic. So, bye bye edibles. I also found that smoking from a vaporizer usually gave me a better high — calmer, no paranoia — but I’m not enough of a user to buy myself a vaporizer, so access is an issue–knocking the enjoyment level down. This leaves me with regular smoking in some form and yeah, it’s a toss up on having a good time. So that’s how I get to 25%.

Seeing it laid out like this, it really makes my decision-making clearer. Certain things I really enjoy and get a great deal of satisfaction from and other things I don’t.

I’ll update this if I can think of other things I get high off of. Feel free to name some in the comments.

Getting High

News Item Reflection: “Every Black Hole Contains a New Universe”

I’m on twitter and see someone’s tweet linking to a story titled, “Every Black Hole Contains a New Universe.”

I haven’t read the article. But the title tickles me just a little bit. People – we are so small and stupid – let’s all stop pretending we are the masters of the universe. If we all just stopped the BS that we suffer internally and externally, we could enjoy our less-than-100 years blip in contentment and peace.

Sometimes I feel like the direction I’m heading in is the most exciting, rewarding thing – and I really want all of you to come along too.

[Update: I just scanned the article and way too many references to quantum mechanics and dark energy and torsion mechanics for me! Lol]

News Item Reflection: “Every Black Hole Contains a New Universe”

Daily Delight #90

Post Secret.

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know what Post Secret it. In case you don’t: people write down their anonymous secrets on postcards and mail them into this guy, Frank. Every Sunday, Frank posts a bunch of them to his blog/facebook/twitter, etc. People read them and it’s interesting.

They’re often heartbreaking, gut wrenching, beautiful, inspiring, moving etc. But what I really like most about Post Secret? We’re all holding on to the same little bullshit issues. It’s like I want to gather the world together and take in a collective breath and then let it out, and let these problems go. It’s not that they don’t matter, it’s that they’re moments in the past. You can’t keep clutching to them. I guess that’s a second-hand goal with the project, people who send in their secrets probably do it as a cathartic action to let it go a little.

I also super like its unobtrusive message on suicide prevention and mental health counseling, etc. That’s a cause truly worth getting behind.

PS – Only 10 more daily delights to go!!!

Daily Delight #90