Daily Delight #47


Because of all the traveling recently, I’m more often a passenger in someone’s car than the driver. But for Baltimore, I have a rental car and I was super stoked when I saw the little Hyundai, which is way nicer/newer than my ’95 Civic. And when I got behind the wheel, and tore up 97, I was all, woot woot.

I heart driving.

Daily Delight #47

Lots of Miscellaneous (Good-bye Hon)

I don’t have anything compelling to write, but I do have some time, which is unusual, so I figure, why not.

Moving Out
I am officially out of Baltimore which is craazzzzyyy! The one good thing about having a studio? I’m pretty confident I didn’t forget anything, considering I can stand anywhere in the room and see the rest of the room. I’m in North Carolina right now at my sister’s house and it sort of feels as though I’m just on a vacation and will return to Baltimore. It’ll be strange after New Orleans when I head back to my parent’s house in New York for a pit stop before going to the west coast. I feel really lucky that, even though it wasn’t until the end of my four year stint, I’m leaving Baltimore having made a very good friend or two. I’m sad that there were more in the making and that I didn’t have more time, but hopefully we’ll all keep in touch.

My last week or so in Baltimore was full of art and design conversations, coffee meet ups, late night chatter, stouts, Taco Fiesta, mt vernon park, working, packing, rain, driving, dresses, photography, massages and doc appts, revelations and not nearly as much tennis as I would have liked. Apparently, J thinks sailing is better than tennis – LAME! But seriously, thanks for the good times all!

Travel Writer

I’m keeping a blog specific to my travels: ISO: Adventure (as in: in search of.) The site is live, but not completely ready for viewing. But nevertheless, check it out if you have a minute. Go there to see cool travel photos and read the stories of my adventures. But also note, Talking with Myself will perhaps be updated slightly less over the next few months due to this. We’ll see though. I don’t plan on doing any ranting or too much speculative rambling on ISO.

What else, what else?!

Good News
Oh, I heard back from the editor of 8Faces, a typography magazine I’ve been raving about over at my design blog, The Gray Suite, and it looks like I’ll be helping out for issue #2, which I am psyched about!

I just spent the past 48 hours with a 4-going-on-5 year old, and a 3 year old. I also feel that I’ve talked to a lot of my guy friends about having children — err rather, we talk about how they want children. And I think they’re romanticizing it. Because the past 48 hours have reminded me that having kids is no joke. Seriously. They are around every minute of every day. It’s funny how none of the guys said they wanted to “raise” kids just have them. Granted, they all suggested that they’d be active fathers, but I wonder if they really comprehend the 24/7 commitment. Like whatever it is that you were pre-child just flew out the window, because from the moment a kid is born you’re now a father. Part of me just thinks they want to indulge their ego’s and have little mini-mes running around. I think this because they didn’t talk about finding the most perfect woman and creating a beautiful thing out of love, they just talked about wanting to have something that was their blood, a part of them. All of them seemed queasy on the notion of adoption. I don’t know if they left out the woman part because it’s an unknown variable in their lives, or because it’s insignificant. Who’s to say.

Hmmm… seems strange to end it on babies, but really, that’s all I’ve got. How about this – want to see something totally beautiful? Pictory Mag’s photos this week were water related – In Deep – very relaxing. Check them out.

Lots of Miscellaneous (Good-bye Hon)

30 x 30 Update: #14 Down

I think A was most excited to help me accomplish #14 on my 30×30 list: Watch all the Back to the Future movies. He even went out and bought the DVD set. After about two weeks, we had all three of them watched. My reviews:

The original Back to the Future is 90% awesome. There were a lot of genuinely funny parts – density, darth vader, deloreans. And Christopher Lloyd, while kind of too crazy, is also hilarious. Oh and the music is genuinely awesome (watch a clip “Power of Love” below.) There’s also all sorts of cool trivia stuff that you can read for yourself at IMDB – stuff like how Michael J. Fox is older than Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson (his parents in the movie.) The 10% not awesome is because of the movie’s date-rape subplot. If you want to know more about that, you can check out my blog post at Women on Screen.

Back to the Future Part II was also pretty great. Ahh, why don’t we have hovercrafts yet? I liked how his neighborhood became all ghetto–it was so ridiculous with the shootout and all. I actually felt bad for Lorraine and how Biff treated her. (She really got the short end of the stick in these movies.) Oh, and Crispin Glover didn’t agree to be in Part II so the director and executives just re-purposed his already shot scenes for the original movie. Well, Glover didn’t like that very much and he sued Spielberg (one of the executive producers) and won. Also, I’m really liking all the jokes about going back to the future and returning back to the future. Time travel is funny.

Back to the Future Part III is where the time travel started getting messy in my head. This IMDB tidbit orders the Delorean’s trips. An interesting choice for them to go back to the wild wild west. My friend A thinks this is the better movie over Part II. I’m slightly in favor of Part II. It sparked a controversy on A’s Facebook wall. More people than I thought prefer Part III. Who would’ve thought? Which side do you fall on?

The video’s not very good, but the song is great, and will now always be synonymous with Deloreans in my head.

30 x 30 Update: #14 Down