2014: The Highlights

I’m posting this a bit late, but I finished my 2014 annual review, and rather then share everything, I figure I’ll point out some highlights:

  • road trip with M from Ithaca to Portland
  • trekking down the west coast (the drive on PCH) from Portland to Santa Barbara to see D and my brother
  • going home to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, also the time spent in Bed-Stuy & Crown Heights
  • all the time spent with my niece and nephew (camping at Disney, Ithaca, xmas in NC)
  • befriending M
  • my birthday
  • being in peak physical shape for the fall/summer (biking, kickboxing, tennis, running, Nike app)
  • everything I did with KCTL
  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets at BAM
  • going home to Ithaca
  • applying to school, making efforts for a life change
  • completing NYRR’s 9+1 program
  • spending quality time with parents
2014: The Highlights

Happy Secret – Better Work

I watched Shawn Anchor’s “The Happy Secret to Better Work” TedXTalk and thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s fast, funny and thought-provoking. (The second half is better than the first in my opinion.)

My favorite gem: “90% of your long-term happiness is predicted not by the external world, but by the way your brain processes the world.”

Oh, and also, I’ll paraphrase this one: people think, once I have success I’ll be happy. But once you get a good grade, get a promotion, get a raise, your idea of success changes and you have to get a better grade, another promotion, another raise. You literally can not achieve happiness that way. Instead, start with happiness and let that guide you to success.

Train you brain to be more positive, their studies show it takes 21 days. So, I’ll be adding three positive things about my day to this post everyday for the next 21 days (journaling is another way to train your brain, and that’s what this blog is.)

Day 1 (May 10)
Some together time with the boyfriend;
Feeling less sick than the day before was a relief;
Successfully accomplishing KCTL site tasks.

Day 2
R liking my redesign of ISO made me feel good;
Enjoying simple household chores (sweeping up, emptying the dishwasher, hanging laundry);
The dog on the subway, and two more while walking on Bedford.

Day 3
(All KCTL-tennis related)
Having a kid follow my instructions and do really well;
Showing the kids how to start a game (choosing p/d and spinning the racquet) and having the long-time instructor be like oh yea, we should be doing that, watch Heather;
Seeing that the kids have made vast improvements from last year, and knowing that the kids struggling today will be so much better by the end of the season.

Day 4:
Oh, the smell of fresh, green, real grass. Love it;
When the sun shines between the clouds into those ‘God’s Rays’ right before sunset when I’m out running;
The rush of new knowledge (I’m taking a jQuery class) and getting it.

Day 5:
This one is tricky. Not a bad just not a lot of overwhelming joy.
The white flowers in the trees at McCarren;
Running with NBR – the view of Manhattan;
How kind the woman at the pharmacy is.

Day 6:
How everything looks better in the rain;
Breaking through a wall (figuratively, not literally);
Unexpected connections with old friends.

Day 7: (May 16)
Unfortunately missed this day.

Day 8:
Not giving up and sprinting .5 mile to make it to class on time
R’s monthly metro pass!
Opening up immediately to someone new

Day 9:
I can feel my horizons broadening
Didn’t just run today actually pushed myself – hit a 9:00 pace! Never done that before.
Spent my transitional moments (walking/subway) wishing everyone I passed personal happiness and contentment

Day 10
Fresh from the oven cookies goopy with chocolate;
Anything and everything x-men;
Planning to talk at a happy hour recruit volunteers – taking this off M’s plate.

Day 11
The patience I’m gaining from the meditation/Buddhism classes;
Looking and feeling super pretty in my dress and boots;
Selling my very first item on Etsy!

Day 12
Yoga is always good;
My new co-working space is better than the old one;
Did some nice logo work.

Day 13
Tough day… start fresh tomorrow.

Day 14 (May 23)
Still the same. try again tomorrow.

Day 15
The feeling when you come out from the fog;
The Avett Brothers music makes me feel like I’m 14 again;
When you act our of character – sprinting down the street to get to meditation, arriving late and sweaty.

Day 16
The excitement before you go on a trip;
Getting paid for my freelance work;

Day 17 (May 26)
Talked to my grandpa for the first time in weeks and since he moved to Georgia, he sounded happy to hear from me;
A couple having their wedding party at a good ole country bar with live music – so cute and happy;
Keeping cool as plans change – some nights just be glad you get home at all, even if it is at 4am with a drunk cab driver.

Day 18
Rows and rows and rows of squash at the farmer’s market;
The sweet taste of real, un-modified, small, ripe, in-season strawberries;
and Tennessee BBQ with a side of dancing.

Day 19
The Hatch Show Print store and printing presses!;
Celebrating memorial day in the park with soul music and a storm trooper dancer;
Unexpectedly amazing Indian food and a perfect send-off for our weekend getaway.

Day 20
Being rewarded for just be willing to do the nice thing (Southwest);
A clean home;
Warm, fresh-from-the-oven bread.

Day 21
An early morning run for the first time in over a week;
Getting down to business;
Watching some of the game at K&L.

I’ll do a few extra days since I missed some.

Day 22 (May 31)
I always leave meditation class completely blissed out;
can’t remember what else happened here! Oops.

Day 23
Knowing that I’m a good designer and coming up with some nice pieces for a client;
Totally bitchin’ homemade veggie pizza;
Having a good run (9:13 pace!).

Day 24
Going out even though I didn’t want to, and it being appreciated in return;
So impressed with how well the kids responded to the tennis lesson;
Getting so sleepy and curling around R while he watched the hockey game.

Day 25 (June 3)
Waking up sans alarm to the sunshine pouring;
Spring cleaning – no really I love doing this;


Happy Secret – Better Work