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What I Love You Means

Man, it hasn’t been since Dan Savage that I’ve really fallen for a man’s advice column, but Isaac Huss pens Gentlemen Speak over at Verily Mag and he gets it right so often. Huss’ column seems equal parts advising men on relationships and explaining why men do things they do. I just read Huss’s “WAIT TO SAY “I LOVE YOU”” and it’s reassuring to realize that at least one man out there understands the meaning of I love you. Given the number of times I’ve heard it, followed by actions that don’t reflect it, a lot of men still have a lot to figure out.

That’s because there’s a difference between telling somebody you love them and actually intending to love them. That is, telling somebody you love them is just lip service and actually loving someone is work.

What I Love You Means


My dad turns 60 today. It seemed like he was 55 for the longest time and his ‘getting old’ was something that would happen, eventually, in the future. But at 60, he’s old. I worry about him now. The rest of his life feels more like a countdown now than a future and that makes me sad. I love my dad. I can’t explain it very easily because there’s so many reasons. He told me yesterday that he’s worked for his employer for 37 years, but if you actually look at the number of hours he’s put in, he’s worked about 44 years. I mean he’s crammed in an extra 6 or so years of work, so that he could provide a better life for his family. This just amazes me.

Another reason why my dad is great: Daily Delight #27.


30×30 Update: #5 Down

Ever since M visited a farm sanctuary in upstate NY, I’ve wanted to go. I was looking on their site a few weeks ago and realized that they had a location not that far from Los Angeles. I pitched R on a visit to the sanctuary during our vacation and he was game. So on a very sunny Sunday afternoon, we sped away from the city and towards the farm.

The sanctuary takes a pretty strong stance on issues of factory farming and carnism. Whether or not you end up agreeing with them, it’s worth educating yourself on the topic and learning more about where your meat comes from.

That being said, here are some photos of the amazing animals that have been rescued by Farm Sanctuary from factory farms.










30×30 Update: #5 Down

Daily Delight #38

Luckily, after a few terrible dreams, I got to end on a good one.

I was back in high school and I didn’t know what class I was supposed to be in – like all high school dreams – so I just went home. (Getting home meant riding this 1-person, crazy metal contraption with wheels that you sit in and rode around on giant curved ramps like a skateboard, scooter hybrid something.)

There were four or five girls playing in my yard (which was about three times the size of my actual yard) with their mother, I assume. I didn’t think much of it as they sang and danced around throwing their arms into the air, etc. But as I walked past them I saw this really great little tree bush. And even better was their was a face in the bush. Not a real face, but like parts of the bush and warped and twisted in just the right way, and I was walking up to it at just the right angle that I could make out a face.

In this dream, it really wasn’t so subtle. The eyes were like tea saucers with black rounds like olives barely holding onto the edges as if they had rolled down the plates, and bright red lips that looked like they were torn right off of Mrs. Potatohead. I whip out my camera phone to capture this amusing little piece of nature, and the girls see me and come running over. Like all little girls they ask what I’m taking a photo of and they ask to be included. How can I explain to some seven year old’s my artistic inspiration is a crazy looking face in a bush?

I reluctantly take their photos. They giggle and jump as little girls do. I’m snapping away terrified of losing the bush, when something spectacular happens.

I zoom out a little, and then more and more. And the next thing I know, a huge, gigantic, gargantuan maple tree — 10 stories high — pops up in the background and it is shimmering and shiny like it were made from the finest metals. It is absolutely radiant. No one else in the dream seems to notice it. The girls continue their dance, I continue to pretend I’m photographing them when really my camera is arching further and further upwards toward the tree.

The sun begins to set in my dream. And this magnificent tree bounces all the reds, orange and pinks of the sky off every tiny limb, from its massive trunk and it is absolutely beautiful as the light twirls within the tree. I look into my camera’s viewfinder and found that I have the most perfect picture. One massive, warm tree and a group of carefree, little sprites dancing at its bottom.

Merry Christmas all.

Daily Delight #38