30×30: One Year Later

Today is one year from when I posted my original 30×30 list. And I figured it’d be a great time to give you all an update.

Of 30 things to-do, I have 100% completed, crossed off 6 things, which include: staying up for 24 hours – turns out I would do this a few times throughout the past year; watch a roller derby game; watch all three Back to the Future movies; go on a vineyards tour; go to the firing range (twice!); and last but not least, against the advice of my friends, I paid off my student loan this month. Woot, woot debt free!

I’ve also made significant progress on some of the other items:

“23. Find a creative collaborator/partner in crime.” I’m working with J on a project, hopefully it’ll turn into something interesting. And three birds, one stone, if it all works out I might complete 25. have writing published, and 11. hang some artwork in a gallery in the process.

All my athletic pursuits: a half-marathon, biking the MD-PA trail, learning a martial arts, learn yoga etc. are all beginning to come together. Basically, I’m in awesome shape and I figure a strong foundation will help me do all these things.

And one of the big things from the list: “17. Visit all 50 states.” Last year today, I had been to 13 states. And in the past year, I added Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Illinois, Washington and Oregon to the list, making the total 20 of 50 states. Not too shabby right? And I made multiple trips to Maryland, New York, Florida and North Carolina. I’m a busy traveler. You can read about it at ISO Adventure.com.

And of course, as is expected in a year, some of my to-dos I am no longer interested in. Such as “6. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity” – not that I don’t want to volunteer there, but I realized putting this on the list was more about my desire to want to learn carpentry skills than it being specifically with HH. Likewise, the whole “16. Master gnocchi making” was more about having some great dishes I could pull out to impress. After my vegan holiday dinner in December, I’m pretty confident in my skills in the kitchen.

I also have some new to-dos, but at the moment they’re top secret. 🙂

Yup, that’s my 30×30 review.

30×30: One Year Later

Daily Delight #64

Funny ideas: I want to see a zombie cockfight. Get two zombies together, string some human flesh around their necks and let them fight it out to the death – to their second death. Ha! Walking Dead, I am practically writing this for you.

Daily Delight #64