Good Luck in Coach

My work flew me to Milwaukee today to meet with a client. While, I was sitting at the Phoenix airport, I noticed that first class seats were available. I asked about the upgrade, but it was more than I wanted to pay for a 3-hour flight.

I took my seat and hung out until the rest of the plane boarded, as is my preference, because why rush to sit on a plane? I was the last passenger on, and the woman scanning my boarding pass asked if I was traveling alone. I was. She moved me to a window seat in a totally empty row near the front of the plane. It was one of those ‘choice seats’ you see when picking your seat online that are an extra $35 — apparently for this flight there were no takers. So I got a good seat for nothing.

Even better? As I walked passed first class, I saw a mom with two small children, one of which was already letting out some high-pitched wails.

I lucked out.

And I saw the most spectacular desert sunset. Truly beautiful. Clearly, these iPhone photos don’t capture it but I don’t think I’ve seen a better sunset. Can’t wait to be sitting in Sedona with R next week watching the sun sink.

Update: I decided to upgrade to first class on my flight from MKE to LAX. Crossing my fingers for no babies.

Good Luck in Coach