It Ain’t Like It Used to Be

When in Ithaca, I went to visit my grandpa. And I’m not sure what made him say it, but he mentioned that back in the day he had run for Highway Superintendent. And I was like no way, how come I never knew this? And he chuckled and said, well, I lost!

He explained that he had run as an Independent against a Democrat and Republican, and his running had somewhat impacted the outcome. I guess the Democrat was favored (?) but the Republican won. And between the three of them, the difference was just a matter of 15 votes or so.

I asked him how he felt about the competition. And without missing a beat, he said, I liked them both!

And that is the difference between politics then and now. I love my grandpa. 🙂

UPDATE: Was at my Uncle’s last weekend, and told him this story. He then proceeded to pull out my grandpa’s campaign ‘poster.’ LOL Pays taxes? My grandpa’s the best.

It Ain’t Like It Used to Be

Daily Delight #48

Esquire’s January 2011 issue with Robert DeNiro on the cover. Buy this magazine. Read every word on every page, because it is full of some wisdom and gems.

David Brown, producer:
“Never sleep with anyone with more trouble or less money than you have.”
“I once took Mae West to a restaurant. Nobody bothered her. When we left, there was a standing ovation That’s respect. That’s love. It’s overdone now.” – That is classy as all hell.

Russel Bryan Love, Esquire reader:
“My woman is smarter than me, stronger than me, and within six months would be just fine without me. A motherfucker’s got to pay attention to his relationship.”

The New Rules of Grooming:
“The time for irony with facial hair is over.”

Daily Delight #48

Daily Delight #17

Having a rock hard body.

Ha, just kidding. But seriously, I really love when my body feels strong – when I can play tennis for an hour or bike 5 miles and not be gasping for breath.

I haven’t gotten any real exercise since Portland, when M and I played tennis, because of all the traveling and sickness. So I was a worried when I went to the gym today that I’d be a complete wreck (damn you delicious cheese platter, damn you!) But such was not the case. I’m not at my physical peak, but I am in good shape, and that makes me happy!

Plus, the gym has all these amazing machines for my arms – which means no more push-ups. Yay, I always HATED push-ups!

Daily Delight #17

A Good Night & Year

I’m not sure why, but tonight is the night I’m turning things around. I considered 2009 a bit of a disastrous year. I felt like I was losing myself. Everything I had prided myself on was slipping. But for the past few days, I feel like I’ve been emerging, and tonight might be the night to jump start myself.

I’m not really one of those people that thinks the new year marks anything very important. But my rejuvenation seems to be aligning quite nicely with the end of the old and start of the new. And I’m hopeful that 2010 will be a good year. And it feels good to be hopeful again. Perhaps my stars are aligning. Quick Google search, my horoscope for the day:

Set your craziest, wildest ideas free to roam — they are sure to find fertile fields! Speak up early and don’t be shy if people start to look at you funny, as that is all part of the plan. – From

I only partly buy into it. Ha. But a lot of people do believe that the new year is an important day. A once-upon-a-time good friend told me that how you spend new years eve reflects how the rest of your year will be. Last year, I had a really nice night at home watching Groundhog Day by myself eating popcorn and drinking champagne. I enjoyed it, but perhaps this is what put me into a funk for the rest of the year: preferring to spend my time with fictional TV characters rather than real people; staying comfortable rather than trying new things. But not this new years eve. I’ll be social if not a little afraid of going to the bar without some reliable friend-anchor, but I know I’ll manage and it’ll be a good time.

But more on my good night tonight. Patting myself on the back for:

  • Starting this blog
  • Posting on and the Gray Suite
  • Posting on craigslist to get rid of some of my stuff including photos
  • Downloading some excellent music
  • Writing a couple of book reviews at GoodReads (find me!)
  • Brainstorming a crazy feminist art project

Still needs to be completed tonight:

  • Make lunch
  • Sketch ideas for SmashingMag’s January calendar
  • Gather school photos for work
  • Read

To be completed tomorrow:

  • Smashing mag calendar (all 10 variations)
  • Create Facebook portrait group
  • Sign-up on Etsy

My work is never done. And I like that.

A Good Night & Year