About Talking With Myself

I’m hesitant to start this blog. Currently, I have unsuccessfully managed three blogs for two successful ones. And by successful, I mean not completely abandoned. But I’ve found myself in want of a place where I can write about me – not about graphic design, not about women’s film, not about erotica, not about funny pictures – but just me. Plain old, all encompassing, un-themed me. Sure, I could keep a journal but c’mon it’s the 21st century. (And I do keep a journal funny enough. I just can’t get enough of writing.)

Read on if you’re interested. Otherwise, I hope you’ll still wish me luck in my endeavor. But please excuse me now, I really need to have a heart to heart with myself.


3 thoughts on “About Talking With Myself

  1. It was relatively by accident that I came across this blog. My sister (whose name you share) had pointed me, via Facebook, to a few of our cousins. Thanks to Facebook’s sketchy privacy rights I came across your Polar Swim photos on your Aunt(my cousin) Patti’s profile and then to your blog(s).

    The closest I have gotten to the New York side of the family, in say the time you have set aside to achieve 30 chosen accomplishments(which, incidentally, is a concept worth further exploration), would be a brief visit with your Grand Parents in Florida 2 or 3 years ago. Also, I did get a call from your dad a few years back saying that your brother was going to make his way out to Whistler(my neck of the woods) but then I didn’t hear from anyone after that.

    It was your post concerning the whereabouts of your naan that, for whatever reason, brought me to the scene of some Ithaca restaurant that my dad, playing at being a “big deal” had taken a bunch of the family for dinner-maybe your father but for sure your uncle and grand parents. I am a bit cloudy on the details (it was about 36 years ago)but your uncle J.R., who I am closest in age to, found difficulty with essentially everything on the menu and ended up quite miserable faced with a mystery bowl of onion soup. I went on to become a vegetarian for about 20 years and although Lebanese food provided the first real hope that this could be done it was a trip to Little India(the East Indian section of Toronto)that opened up the culinary possibilities for the vegetarian.

    Anyway, were it not for the relative anonymity of the internet and my desire to explore the “run on” sentence I probably would have been a bit briefer. I did want to wish you luck in your endeavor and I look forward to reading your stuff which, for me, also provides an obscure glimpse into a faded part of the family.

    Cheers and say hello to your dad (I am sorry I am not sure if I ever met your mom), your grand parents et al. for me,

    Your second cousin Jeff

  2. Sorry to natter on but I believe the actual relationship, according to some vague internet source, is You are my first cousin once removed although that leaves me a bit mystified as to what I am to you.

  3. heather van de mark says:

    Hi Jeff! The internet sure makes the world a smaller place. I had to call my dad to get the lowdown, I didn’t completely understand who you were/where you fit in the family tree. But dad said you were Raymond’s son. (Raymond being my grandpa’s brother.) I think I found the same family tree online, and I think you’d be my first cousin, once removed too, but for simplicity sake, I’ll just consider you a cousin.

    I can’t believe there was a vegetarian in the family before me!

    I think I friended you on facebook — there were a couple of Jeff Van De Marks. Um, my sister (Christine “susie” Main) is on there, and you already found Patti. Uncle Jay isn’t, but his wife, Judy Accardi Vandemark is.

    I’ll leave it at that for now, since I don’t know if you’ll see this reply or not. But please do keep in touch!

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