Various Notes

On the job 15 years from now:
I’m comfortable and confident in being a doctor, even though I’m fairly new to the profession. I feel prepared and ready. Steady. I see myself in a white coat, in a quiet office/work space.

Work/activities that give me satisfaction:
Working one-on-one with people. Helping them, feeling like I’m making a positive impact. Being intellectually challenged and stimulated. Discovering new things.

Personal learning style, work habits:
Take my time. Start early. Plan accordingly. Don’t cram. Focus on what you’re doing–are you really reading to comprehend or just sitting in front of a book? Time management. Mold the system to work best for me rather than attempting to fit within the system.

Internal drive and external support.

People and professors around me. Athletics. Counseling.

One theme:
Overcoming. Prevail. Succeed. Triumph. Flourish. Thrive.
Independent thinking. Independent living.

Various Notes

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