New Year: 2015 Look Back

For a while now, I’ve been doing a version of Chris Gullibeau’s Annual Review. And I really like doing this because it makes me appreciate everything I’ve gone through in the past 365 days. I highly encourage everyone to take some time to do it. It boils down to: what went well, what went poorly and what do you want to accomplish next year? I keep a pretty detailed version that covers everything personally and professionally, but here’s a little bit of it:

2015 Summary
Not as good as 2014, but a good year generally. Felt like there were several hurdles this year—not accepted into pre-med post-bacc programs, not accepted into meditation retreat, not accepted to volunteer at hospital, some minor health issues, etc. But to feel like it was a good year generally when faced with all those hurdles that is actually pretty incredible for me. I am more resilient than I realize.

2015 Highlights
• Cancun with DK, B, and DB
• Shadowing Dr. D
• Changed my legal name!
• Spring dating with J
• May visit to Greenpoint/NYC for GCEF meeting
• Time with M (her in Ithaca, me in NYC, phone calls, check-ins)
• Baltimore visit to see J in July
• Weekly tennis (with L, C, H)
• Months 1 and 2 of marathon training
• FaceTime calls with the kiddos
• NYC Marathon! 04:32:49
• Time with B — in Cancun, Boston, Ithaca
• Great time with M around New Years Eve
• Ended the year at 630 miles of run/biking/walking
• Ended the year at 115 volunteer hours (83 at HospiCare!)
• Ended the year at 36 books!

Goals for 2016
• PR in a run race (any distance)
• More cycling
• Do really well in school and enjoy it: remember, I am choosing this.
• Do one more thing to help my med school application (research/shadowing/volunteering)
• Be more social
• Get a tattoo

Theme for 2016: Self-Advocacy. Be my own champion.

New Year: 2015 Look Back