2014: The Highlights

I’m posting this a bit late, but I finished my 2014 annual review, and rather then share everything, I figure I’ll point out some highlights:

  • road trip with M from Ithaca to Portland
  • trekking down the west coast (the drive on PCH) from Portland to Santa Barbara to see D and my brother
  • going home to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, also the time spent in Bed-Stuy & Crown Heights
  • all the time spent with my niece and nephew (camping at Disney, Ithaca, xmas in NC)
  • befriending M
  • my birthday
  • being in peak physical shape for the fall/summer (biking, kickboxing, tennis, running, Nike app)
  • everything I did with KCTL
  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets at BAM
  • going home to Ithaca
  • applying to school, making efforts for a life change
  • completing NYRR’s 9+1 program
  • spending quality time with parents
2014: The Highlights

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