30×30 Update: #18 Down

On Sunday, I flew down to Miami Beach to visit J and also to run the Miami Half-Marathon. Yayyy.

It wasn’t my best run — I finished in 2:33:31 — but considering my knee injury back in October, I’m just glad I got to run and finish. Part of me wanted to blow this 30×30 out of the water and go straight for the marathon, but nevertheless, life tripped me up and rather than exceed, I only met my goal. Such is life. I have plans to run more half-marathons over the spring and summer and then the DC Marine Corps Marathon in October. Cross your fingers for me.

That’s me post run with my medal above. Oh and the medal is AWESOME, it’s heavy and it spins. Super cool.

It was hard training for this considering that Brooklyn is cold right now. I still managed to put in a few runs a couple of times a week, but it’s hard to go for a long run when your legs are going numb. In my training log, one run reads, “Cold as FUCKKKK!!!!” Before the half, my longest run was about 5.5 miles in an hour. So, to then run 2.5 times that long, well, it’s not easy. But I made it through. I also managed to get the worst blisters I’ve ever had in my whole life. I’ll spare you the photo.

Miami’s Half is actually pretty nice. It takes you from downtown Miami across the Causeway to Maimi Beach (where J and some friends were there to cheer me on) across the Venetian bridges back to downtown Miami. So like 10 miles of it are along the water and it’s really nice. I was hoping for a beautiful sunrise but it was overcast, which is probably for the best given that the temps were in the 60s and rising at 7:00 am. Not a lot of cheering sections either which was a bit of a bummer.

Also for future notice, always check a race’s start time. This one started at 6:00 am. Say what? Yeah, which means waking up at 4:00, to leave at 4:30, get to the race, eat, in the corral by 5:30. That was something I was unprepared for. I am not an early bird. I wonder if there are night races.

Anyway, overall, it was totally fantastic and cannot wait to do another race, and to get out there and run this weekend. Yay.

30×30 Update: #18 Down