Please excuse my lack of recent posting — and reading, for those of you who have blogs too.

Recently, I’ve fallen in love, begun a road trip across the country, and continued to rock the shit out of my job and marathon training, among other things. Quite frankly, I put the internet – blogs and twitter – on the back burner.

I think I’m undergoing a pretty epic transition in my life. And I don’t want to fuck it up.

I have this desire to just be the best version of me possible. And not only the desire, but also the motivation recently. Thoughts and feelings that have been brewing within me for my whole life, might actually turn into action in the coming months and years.

I hope you keep abreast of my journey, even if it feels sporadic at times. Your thoughts and support and criticisms are always welcome.

I recommend subscribing to this site, as well as the travel blog ISO: Adventure and my design site Heather Van De Mark.com (no, this is not completely forgetton) via Google Reader or RSS or whatever you use to keep up to date. And follow me on Twitter.

What I’m saying is, don’t forget about me while I crawl into a hole for the next two or three months. Because when I emerge, I will be a force to be reckoned with. Thanks and love you.


Bad Blood

R’s mom is a doctor and she took some blood and had it tested to see what kind of shape I’m in. Turns out I’m anemic — not really a surprise, but still surprising to hear concern from a doctor.

Apparently my red blood cells are very small in size and worse, there’s not many of them. R said something about me giving blood and she said I can’t — not shouldn’t, but can’t. I was like ooh, damn.

She gave me iron pills but basically told me to start eating meat again. So, that begs the question — especially given my increasing training schedule — do I end my vegetarian streak and join team meat again?

Bad Blood

Good Luck in Coach

My work flew me to Milwaukee today to meet with a client. While, I was sitting at the Phoenix airport, I noticed that first class seats were available. I asked about the upgrade, but it was more than I wanted to pay for a 3-hour flight.

I took my seat and hung out until the rest of the plane boarded, as is my preference, because why rush to sit on a plane? I was the last passenger on, and the woman scanning my boarding pass asked if I was traveling alone. I was. She moved me to a window seat in a totally empty row near the front of the plane. It was one of those ‘choice seats’ you see when picking your seat online that are an extra $35 — apparently for this flight there were no takers. So I got a good seat for nothing.

Even better? As I walked passed first class, I saw a mom with two small children, one of which was already letting out some high-pitched wails.

I lucked out.

And I saw the most spectacular desert sunset. Truly beautiful. Clearly, these iPhone photos don’t capture it but I don’t think I’ve seen a better sunset. Can’t wait to be sitting in Sedona with R next week watching the sun sink.

Update: I decided to upgrade to first class on my flight from MKE to LAX. Crossing my fingers for no babies.

Good Luck in Coach

Brilliant & Not So

The other day I had a really smart (I think so) epiphany.

You know how the homeless always have cardboard signs that say things like “I’m homeless, please help,” or “Can’t find a job” or “I’m down I’m on my luck.” What self centered scribbles, seriously. Think of the cardboard sign as a cover letter. What’s the first rule of a cover letter? Make it about the other person, not yourself. I wonder if homeless people would get more return if there cardboard said something like, “This will never happen to you. Show your gratitude,” or “Do you want to feel good today? Please give.” I don’t think those are perfect examples, but there’s a clear difference in message. [Side note: My mind may be so twisted by advertising, that yes, I am in fact writing a blog post about how the homeless could better market themselves.]

This was a big self-esteem booster considering my airport bathroom blunder earlier in the day, which involved accidentally tucking the back of my dress into my skivvies. I was a good five steps out of the bathroom when a very nice mom-type tapped me on the shoulder and whispered hushly, you’re dress is up. It took a second for me to understand those words in that order in this context of the airport, and was like OH!! And immediately took care of the problem, only to get red in the face and quickly shuffle over to R to find a seat. Eep. ::face palm::

Brilliant & Not So