Sorry for the lack of posts. It hasn’t been that I haven’t had the thoughts to post, it’s more I haven’t had the coherent thoughts to post.

Have been thinking some about the debt crisis. And it’s frustrating. I remember reading in history books about how emperors would rule grandiose portions of the world, and think that’s not possible now, not with all these independent governing bodies. But when I hear about how the financial collapse of the US would impact the economies of the rest of the world, it reminds me that nothing’s all that independent. And I wonder who rules us? And I hear about Exxon pulling in 10.68 billion in the second quarter (that’s 3 months people) and I realize that it’s less individuals but entities that rule us. [Disclaimer: I’m writing this at a Starbucks right now, I kid you not.]

Then I read about how someone or some group bombed a Planned Parenthood in Texas (no one was hurt). And how in North Carolina, they’re trying to pass this gem of a law: “A doctor would describe her [the patient’s] fetus in detail, including the size of its organs and limbs, whether she wants to hear it or not. If she refuses to view the ultrasound image or listen to the fetal heartbeat, the doctor must record that and keep her name on file for seven years.” – What on earth would that record be used for? Missy, this is going down on your permanent record. [Update: The law just passed NC Senate.]

And then I realized that we live in a country, where rape victims have to stand trial for who they are and where they come from, where justice is rarely ever doled out.

We live in a country of over privilege, excess, comfort, laziness and injustice, and what do I do about it? I am frustrated. I realize that there are many wonderful and beautiful things in the world as well, but not enough and not for everyone.

::le sigh::