Best Evah

My sleep’s been messed up lately, and I spent most of the afternoon sleeping. And while, it was good to get some rest, it was bad in that it made me feel like I lost my day, and I was having trouble getting started. Then in the evening, I found out some info that made me really sad, for reasons I’m not going to get into.

But lo and behold, R was already on his way to my apartment to drop off some dinner, completely his own idea. A done up veggie burger and sweet potato fries, lentil soup, string cheese (I’ve been on a crazy string cheese kick lately) and desert – raspberries and dark chocolate.

The tears immediately ceased when I realized that I have the best possible person ever in my life.

Best Evah


I feel lost.
Weak. Incomplete.

Is there every really a right choice?
Or only a move it along choice?

How come other people have direction?
Such passion to act as their compass

I have nightmares about exes, lunches with exes
I spend night time making special exceptions

How am I spending my time?

Sometimes I wish I never had to say another word again.

Sometimes I wish I knew what I wanted.
I wish that I didn’t know that it could change in a moment.

Everything is temporary. Tattoos included.

Bad poetry is like a disease. Effortless.
Negative head space.

I don’t know how to describe what it feels like inside me.
So weak.

What’s the difference between something failing and something ending?
My greatest pain is indecision.
Falling expectations. Dismissed accomplishment.

Maybe my best role is to be forgotten.
Be that girl I used to know.


Baby, I’m a Warrior

Last weekend, myself and some friends ventured into the backwoods of Pennsylvania to run the Warrior Dash.

And it was awesome! And harder than I thought.

The gist is this: 3.5 miles of rugged terrain full of various obstacles like climbing a cargo net, trudging through waist deep water (it was part of a river or lake), and jumping over fire.

It had been a rainy weekend, so by the 3:30 heat on Sunday afternoon the entire course was nothing but 3-inch thick mud. And that’s only where it wasn’t 8-inch deep mud. I’m amazed no one broke their ankle — or rather, am amazed I didn’t hear that anyone broke their ankle, surely someone must have.

I hadn’t been running in the past few weeks, so I was nervous about the race. Thankfully, my buds – D and R – stuck with me for nearly all of it. (R was the surprise force who ran through that forest like a gazelle on steroids, who knew?!)

My favorite obstacle? The Barricade Breakdown – a series of 4-5 foot walls that you have to get over. I was so proud I could do it and felt like a bad ass, except by the last one, there’s maybe 6 of them, my arms were killing me! Good to know I could outrun the cops if I ever needed to.

I also liked the water obstacles. It was nice to let some of the water do the work, and for whatever reason I was pretty good at making up loss time in these parts.

The jumping over fire, the stampeding across junkyard cars (I totally ran across a BMW!) were also pretty fun.

Least favorite obstacle? Scaling the wall, which is also partially my favorite one because I conquered it. I literally turned a corner in the forest towards the end of the run and just went Ooooh fuck! It’s a 2-story wall with a rope that you have to scale, turn around at the top and climb back down ladder-style. As you may know, I have a fear of heights. So when I got to the top and was straddling the wall, all of a sudden it was like Oooh shit. Mainly, I was worried I would slip climbing back down because everything was so muddy. But I didn’t! I made it down safe and sound and went on with the race.

My official time: 48:38.70 (which isn’t bad considering there were times I was just standing around waiting for my chance to get at the obstacle.) And I did run the whole thing, no walking!

For my gender/age group I was 84 out of 816 = 10%, and overall 1607 out of 6499 = 25%. Not bad for the second foot race of my life. Super cool? The top female finisher came in 26th and was a 15 year old. Damn. Fearless no doubt.

The Warrior Dash is super amazing and everyone should do it at least once. Even though certain things about it are a total rip off — like SportPhoto trying to charge $20 for a ONE digital image or WarriorDash not having any medals to give out to the Sunday afternoon participants (really, I paid $60 to do this race and you can’t give me a cheesy piece of plastic?)

Baby, I’m a Warrior

It Ain’t Like It Used to Be

When in Ithaca, I went to visit my grandpa. And I’m not sure what made him say it, but he mentioned that back in the day he had run for Highway Superintendent. And I was like no way, how come I never knew this? And he chuckled and said, well, I lost!

He explained that he had run as an Independent against a Democrat and Republican, and his running had somewhat impacted the outcome. I guess the Democrat was favored (?) but the Republican won. And between the three of them, the difference was just a matter of 15 votes or so.

I asked him how he felt about the competition. And without missing a beat, he said, I liked them both!

And that is the difference between politics then and now. I love my grandpa. 🙂

UPDATE: Was at my Uncle’s last weekend, and told him this story. He then proceeded to pull out my grandpa’s campaign ‘poster.’ LOL Pays taxes? My grandpa’s the best.

It Ain’t Like It Used to Be