All I Do is Eat

Shit. Today during my run I was dragging ass. I sort of blamed it on the 80 degree weather and humidity. But I had a feeling it might be something else. So, I went home and logged into Fit Day, which I haven’t logged into since back in February when I saw the nutritionist (Daily Delight #56). I plugged in my day’s stats and sure enough – even though I would SWEAR that I am eating right – I am no where near my calorie/carb/protein intake. No where close.

Goal calories: ~ 2,100
Current calories today (at 6 pm): ~ 1,110

Goal carbs for a light day: ~ 400g
Current carbs: 147g

Goal protein for a light day: ~ 67g
Current protein: 38g

Shit. Need to pay better attention to this. I feel like I am always eating, cannot imagine eating more. Ack.
Good thing my dad doesn’t use the internet and won’t see these numbers. He’d have a fit.

All I Do is Eat

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