What’s In a Name?

A while back, I came across this set of tweets from Dr. Ruth on Jezebel and it got me thinking. Thoughts after the images:

So while I’m not crazy about calling them toys, I definitely don’t like calling them aides. It feels sterile, medical. So then I got thinking what would be the best name for sex toys? Something that sounds like pleasure, like fun but not frivolous or trivial the way toys does.

Some synonyms for your browsing:

  • devices? too technical
  • gadget
  • contraption – not sexy
  • equipment – too strong, makes me think construction cranes and bulldozers!
  • doohickey – doesn’t sound like you actually know how to use it
  • gear – sounds like something you put on, doesn’t convey the whole realm of toys.
  • novelty – too lighthearted
  • trinket – too dainty

I was starting to think that a better word than toy might not exist. But what about accessory? I think that might be my word of choice for now. They’re just fun add-ons! But then again, I’m that weird person who calls underwear, skivvies.

What’s In a Name?

2 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

    1. heather van de mark says:

      Lol this makes me think about a phone’s vibrating setting in a totally different way!

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