All I Do is Eat

Shit. Today during my run I was dragging ass. I sort of blamed it on the 80 degree weather and humidity. But I had a feeling it might be something else. So, I went home and logged into Fit Day, which I haven’t logged into since back in February when I saw the nutritionist (Daily Delight #56). I plugged in my day’s stats and sure enough – even though I would SWEAR that I am eating right – I am no where near my calorie/carb/protein intake. No where close.

Goal calories: ~ 2,100
Current calories today (at 6 pm): ~ 1,110

Goal carbs for a light day: ~ 400g
Current carbs: 147g

Goal protein for a light day: ~ 67g
Current protein: 38g

Shit. Need to pay better attention to this. I feel like I am always eating, cannot imagine eating more. Ack.
Good thing my dad doesn’t use the internet and won’t see these numbers. He’d have a fit.

All I Do is Eat

Quiet Times

Not a lot of posts lately, the voices in my head have been fairly quiet. I’ve got a lot of things going on, and I’m happy and that’s that.

I’m working on a couple different work things, which I like. My company’s new site (which I designed) just launched and I’m pretty happy with the results.

I ran 11 miles, last week, which puts me very close to my 30×30 half marathon distance. And it was great because I ran it thinking I was only going to run 10.

Via M, I found this super great tennis charity program for kids in Brooklyn, and I got right into the middle of teaching the kids on Saturday. And I think I did a pretty good job – the other teachers said so too. And I got to play a solid few hours of tennis against some really good players.

Then of course there is R, who is just about the best possible thing I could ask for. I could write all about why he’s so great – but you probably don’t want to read that – so I’ll leave it at this: You know what’s nice? When someone wants to take your photo. When someone is like hold on, you look so cute… It’s hard to explain, but it’s really nice. Happy me below: (365-days of skirts project still in full effect)

R and I recently booked tickets to the Bahamas for my birthday in July. 🙂 Super great, is that the place has internet so technically I’ll be working. And I might use my week of vacation afterwards, so we can stay abroad and travel some more.

And I’m really happy for him that his life is going in the direction he wants it to. Life is easy. Life is good. I hope you, dear reader, are happy too.

Quiet Times


It’s not seeing the light that’s hard, it’s following it.

Do you ever have these glimmering moments where you understand what freedom is? What it feels like? As if the meaning of life and your being alive shifts into perfect clarity. And then it fades so quickly. You’re left grasping a departing memory. And you have a choice to chase it or to forget it.

We have so much possibility. So much potential. And everyday we ignore it. We evade it. We refuse it. Why?


I think I believe in fate, a pre-determined destiny. With so many paths to take, it makes sense that they would already be chosen. Too often I’ve met people and it’s so obvious, inevitable that their threads and mine were going to wrap around each other at some point. But I’m an equal believer in free will. How can you have both? You may be ‘forced’ to walk a certain road, but it is your choice to walk it alone, to walk it begrudgingly or to walk it with your head held high.


What’s In a Name?

A while back, I came across this set of tweets from Dr. Ruth on Jezebel and it got me thinking. Thoughts after the images:

So while I’m not crazy about calling them toys, I definitely don’t like calling them aides. It feels sterile, medical. So then I got thinking what would be the best name for sex toys? Something that sounds like pleasure, like fun but not frivolous or trivial the way toys does.

Some synonyms for your browsing:

  • devices? too technical
  • gadget
  • contraption – not sexy
  • equipment – too strong, makes me think construction cranes and bulldozers!
  • doohickey – doesn’t sound like you actually know how to use it
  • gear – sounds like something you put on, doesn’t convey the whole realm of toys.
  • novelty – too lighthearted
  • trinket – too dainty

I was starting to think that a better word than toy might not exist. But what about accessory? I think that might be my word of choice for now. They’re just fun add-ons! But then again, I’m that weird person who calls underwear, skivvies.

What’s In a Name?