How to be Convincing

“I’m 65 percent yes.”

“Then I’m 65 percent happy.”

“Damn, good answer.”

How to be Convincing

LA was good to me.

Had a fantastic day.

Today I was reminded why we go through all the suffering and pain of a heartbreaking break-up — because it is completely worth it. No matter what this thing is, and it might not be anything more than what it was today, I got something back today. Something that was taken from me last summer. And that is the feeling that love is a wonderful thing. That it is a worthwhile thing.

So I don’t forget all that is possible in a single day:
french toast with jam
skipping train rides
venice beach
watching the ocean waves
venice canals and brightly colored houses
picking flowers, jasmine
parking ticket
roller coaster on the pier
the bubble man
losing a sweatshirt
missing the tar pits
driving around for the hollywood sign – squeaking when i finally saw it!
uruguayan (?) music in the car
artichoke hearts
pasta and wine, wine, wine

LA was good to me.

It’s A Small World After All

Speaking of good omens, I went into San Francisco with D to meet friends for dinner. The wait was long so we ran across the street to grab a drink. The bar was bustling and me and this other woman got into that awkward shuffle of trying to get out of each others way. Except, she was trying to shuffle around me and I was just standing in her way with my head cocked because I recognized her. She didn’t recognize me (sometimes I forget that I cut my hair) which made me second guess myself, so I let her pass. But D recognized the guy she was with and the next thing we know the four of us are having a mini Ithaca/Cornell reunion in a San Fran Mission neighborhood bar.

H and I got caught up. To be frank, I didn’t know her that well before, but it’s obvious that in the past four-five years, she’s grown into herself. No doubt she probably thought the same about me. H, D and D’s other friends (that we initially met) went to play pool together, leaving Q and I to sit and reminisce.

And it was amazing to catch up. Even though, at Cornell we had probably never had a real conversation with each other. It was more the mutual friends of friends. He always struck me as a visual hippie (scruffy beard, unclean, bad clothes) that was sort of abrasive. D described him as ‘calculated’ and that’s probably a very good word for him. And he’s grown up too – a little more clean cut – and oh, he’s a lawyer. No surprise really, for some reason, about 1 out of 3 of my friends is a lawyer or in law school – that’s not an exaggerated number. I’m not sure what that says about me.

So we had a really nice talk, about all sorts of things. He’s going to propose to H this weekend and that was exciting and kind of perfect. We discussed out different life options – he’s working crazy hours making bank to do as he pleases later in life, while I’ve finagled it to make less bank but do as I please right now. A privilege many 26 year olds do not have. It was really warm and accepting and nice. And so much more meaningful than any silly cyber stalking that Facebook could ever provide. And this entire interaction happened because we had to wait for a table and ran across the street for a beer.

The world is small. Life is good.

It’s A Small World After All

Good Omens

It almost seems a shame I wrapped up the Daily Delights, because something pretty cool occurred yesterday (it wasn’t actually a typical day event but rather quite out of the ordinary, so maybe it makes sense that it’s not a DD.)

Flying out to San Francisco yesterday with D and 1.) I found a dollar in the vending machine – yay! and 2.) had my first celebrity sighting in Detroit airport. Philip Seymour Hoffman walked right by me. If I was a nutcase, I easily could have hugged him, he was that close. I tend to be so oblivious to other people (usually on purpose in public areas) that it was an exciting surprise. We looked at each other and by the time it registered he was a few steps past. I don’t think I would of believed it, but his voice is well, you know, exactly the way it sounds in movies. So I knew it was him. D confirmed and we trekked him for a bit just to confirm again. lol

So that was a pretty killer way to start our trip. But then sadly, we arrive in San Francisco at 3 AM EST making us exhausted and Delta didn’t feed us on the flight which was lame and they lost my luggage, which put me a bit into a tizzy because how could you lose something I paid an extra $23 to handle? The guy at the counter nonchalantly informed me that my bag didn’t make the flight — oh really?! His customer service/empathy skills? Not there at all. So that didn’t help either. I should get it today, sometime in the realm of noon to 6pm. Oh that’s helpful.

Right now I’d say I’m still stoked for this trip West, but I’ll be happier when I can take a hot shower and have clean clothes to change into.

Good Omens