I was hanging out with my friend J and she was telling me about a previous mutual friend. This third friend, about two years ago was in a tough spot. She had left a good job and city to move with her boyfriend. After a few weeks went by, they broke up. She returned to her old job and city heartbroken and likely embarrassed.

But today, J was telling me how that friend is still at that job and going up, she lives in a great city and travels abroad regularly and just moved in with her new boyfriend. I’m happy for her, even envious. Less than a year ago, I was in my apartment making dinner or doing homework, and I had the distinct thought that I was happy, that I had it all – a good job, close to an M.A, love and trust, and a place of my own. And now, nada – some by my choice, most of it not.

And it’s hard.

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, I’ll get to have all those things again. And there will be some broken-hearted girl envious of me but finding patience.


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