I am good enough

I think I spend too much time comparing myself to other people. I have to remember every decision I make for myself is the right decision.

I am good enough

2 thoughts on “I am good enough

  1. I think that people generally are insecure and jealous, and we get that way by comparing ourselves to our perception of other people and use that as a guideline for where we think we should be, or what we should be doing.

    And I totally second you, every decision you make for YOU is a good one. 🙂

    1. heather van de mark says:

      Yeah I think comparison is normal, but at some point I just want to be able to let go and be like everyone has their own circumstances and everyone gets what he or she deserves in the end. It’s crazy that i used to have this really wholesome approach to the world, an approach that gave me a place in the world, and somewhere, sometime i lost that. i’m glad to get back to it though, because i think it’s a healthy, happier approach. sorry rambling … 😉

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