I have Tools!

I’m super excited because the weekend my parents were in town, my dad took me to Home Depot and we bought me a bunch of tools and a tool box. The tool box is a bit cheesy: small, black and plastic. I wanted something big, and steely and metal, that would clank when I drop shit in it. I also got a 4ft. ladder, stud finder, a box of screws, a group of drill bits, eye hooks and wing screws, and some other stuff. But most excitedly, I got my very own drill gun! See below. It’s not as powerful as I wanted (I think it’s a “lady” screw gun), but I wasn’t the one paying, and I think it’s going to be a good starter one nonetheless. I don’t know why I am so excited about this but I am. I really have a deep desire to own a house just so I can go fixing it up and building things. I really have no idea where this comes from or when it happened. But I really like the idea of building something with my hands and getting dirty and gritty. So we’ll see. I’d like to build my own custom design desk, but I think that’s way too advance for me. Little things first. Tonight, I hung up some eye hooks and used them to hang up some boards on a wire. Yup. Pretty great.

I have Tools!

One thought on “I have Tools!

  1. Yay! Tools! They are pretty brilliant things to have, even if its just the knowledge that if you need to screw something in YOU CAN. 🙂

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