Biking biking biking

I really love riding my bike around the city. However, last August in the middle of rush hour on Charles St., a guy opened his door on me and I ended up on the street like an idiot. Besides a bit bruised and confused, I was fine. Oh and terrified that the city bus coming up behind me was going to run me over at any second. Luckily, the bus was safely stopped behind me. Props to Baltimore city bus drivers.

Fast forward nine months and I’ve been on my bike less than ten times since. Which sucks so much because I used to ride everyday, and at my old job I even commuted to work by bike. So today, I’d like to acknowledge my triumphant (and shaky) return to biking.

I only did 2 miles around the city, and I’m still pretty scared whenever I’m riding along parked cars and traffic starts to pull up behind me. After about the first two blocks I realized I was holding my breath. But I just kept going around the neighborhood and it wasn’t too bad.

Oh except for the guy talking on his cell phone while driving who turned the wrong way down a way one way street into my lane. Yeah, thanks guy. Luckily, I was paying attention and stopped before hitting him.

One of my thirty x thirty ideas is to ride the MD-PA trail. And while it might not happen this fall like I was hoping, I can confidently say that it will happen.

Biking biking biking

2 thoughts on “Biking biking biking

  1. Hurrah for getting back on your bike! You’re so brave to ride in the traffic, I’m a bit of a wuss and generally only ride in bike parks. 🙂

    1. Thanks Elly 🙂

      Maybe I’m braver, but you might be smarter. I actually just bought a bike rack, so hopefully long treks in the park sans traffic will be part of my immediate future.

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